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Merci à vous tous pour vos magnifiques témoignages... en voici quelques uns que je publie ici...

“An ocean of love that the body remembers.” Mr.

“Thank you Alexandra for your support during this great additional step.” S.

"Merci! Quel merveilleux we j'ai passé avec toi et les autres!!! j'ai l'impression que ça a duré 4 jours tellement c'était intense." A.

"Merci du très profond de mon cœur très chère Alexandra pour l'union du groupe et ce partage." L.

“I admire the path that you share, with pedagogy, the true, conscious gesture.

My only regret is that I hesitated for a long time. Respect: maybe I wasn't ready." C.

“Thank you very much again Alexandra for such a beautiful day of joy, communication, harmony and sweet and peaceful abundance.”

“Thank you Alexandra and all of you for these magical and transformative moments. Your kindness remains anchored in my heart.” V.

“Thank you Alexandra for this wonderful course in opening magical doors, you give us incredible access to the essence of us, connecting body, soul and spirit.” S.

“Thank you Alexandra for everything you gave us with so much generosity. Your teaching exceeded all my expectations.” L.

“Thank you, thank you for your teachings and your love of Life for all of us.” vs.

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